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Italy's Vincebus Eruptum! The review will be in issue 12 which will be printed in late January

After releasing a very good album with the group Superthrive in 2000 (see VE #4) and becoming a fixture in legendary New York City clubs such as CBGB’s and The Continental, Matt Pedzick (vox and guitar) and Sue Karlik (lead guitar) left New Jersey and moved back to their native Syracuse in Upstate New York, home of the mighty Masters of Reality. The duo and married couple went on to form a new band called AmerikanPrimitive (named after a novel “about the exploration of the nature of creativity, a meditation on loneliness and aging, the unreliable nature of memory and ghosts,” so AP’s biography), and are now back with new stuff and a vengeance! Joined by bassist Tom Bushnell and drummer Jeff Moleski, they recorded a dozen solid songs and put out Dragstrip Courage, their self-produced debut album, which largely draws on the great tradition of all-American rock and roll, punk rock, and blues rock. Influences range from MC5, Blue Cheer, and The Stooges to Masters of Reality of course, just to name a few. Enhanced by a crunchy, powerful production, the record showcases high sonic energy combined with tight playing and sharp lyrics. So get ready to be blown away by high-voltage riffs, vicious rhythms, and biting vocals... Delve into the roaringly anthemic “Long Term Heartbreak,” “Westside Highway,” and “Big Vicious Dog,” bang your head and stomp your feet to the groovy, Rollins Band-inspired “Unbelievable,” and be mesmerized by the stoned-out heavy psychedelia of “The Missing”. Other personal favorites are the creeping “My Marie,” which follows in the footsteps of Masters of Reality, “Breath Away,” an intense mix between MoR and Danzig, and the bluesy, AC/DC-like “Cold Woman Blues.” The electric ballad “Please Baby,” featuring some tasty crooning from Matt, finishes off a high-octane tour de force, one of the best full-on rawk ‘n’ rawl works to surface lately along with Tweak Bird’s phenomenal debut. With AmerikanPrimitive we may have found Master of Reality’s most credible heirs, and Dragstrip Courage is a collection of classic as well as contemporary tunes whose raging edge makes it possibly the perfect soundtrack to the Indignant Movement worldwide. Check out the band's website for more information:
- Costantino Andruzzi

Downtown After Dark

Amerikan Primitive debuts loudly Friday at Lost Horizon by Russ Tarby

We last heard guitarists Matt Pedzick and Sue Karlik rockin’ the walls off a hangar-sized East Syracuse nightclub two decades ago when their band, Slang Girl, opened for the legendary Masters of Reality at MOR’s SRO album-release bash. Matt fronted the band, played an unrelenting rhythm guitar and growled out the vocals. Sue played lightning leads on a Les Paul guitar, electrifying the audience with her agile and intelligent improvisations. A former student of master axeman Joe Jewell, Sue Karlik is arguably the best female rock guitarist ever to emerge from Syracuse. Now, after nearly 20 years in New Jersey, the husband-and-wife six-stringers have returned to Central New York and will debut their new band, Amerikan Primitive, at 10:45 p.m., Friday, Sept. 11, at the Lost Horizon, 5863 Thompson Road, just south of Erie Boulevard East; 446-1934. Three other rock bands will also play at the Lost that night: Undergang, J.A.T.S.K., and 4:thirtyseven. ‘Cold Woman Blues’ Besides Pedzick and Karlik, Amerikan Primitive features two other veterans of the Syracuse scene – bassist Tommy Bushnell, who used to perform under the name Cliff Diver, and drummer Jeff Moleski, who’s also one of the area’s top sound engineers and owner of Moletraxx studios in Eastwood. When Matt and Sue moved to Jersey in 1990, they formed a band called Superthrive which played the NYC tri-state area and toured the U.S. Superthrive recorded for the Italian indie label Beard of Stars Records and landed a publishing deal with Cherry Lane Publishing. Meanwhile, Jeff relocated to Chicago where he opened Soundworks Studio and recorded artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Berlin and The Stains. After returning to Syracuse four years ago, Matt, Sue and Jeff formed Amerikan Primitive and started writing songs and jamming. They asked Tommy to join the project during the summer of 2008. The band recorded a three-song demo produced, mixed and mastered by Jeff at Moletraxx. The three songs, “VooDoo,” “Cold Woman Blues” and “Unbelievable,” can be uploaded for free on, and can be heard on Amerikan Primitive is now booking shows for the fall including a gig at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, and they hope to play a Thanksgiving show here in Syracuse at a venue yet to be determined. Contact the band via e-mail at